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    12.7mm Handheld Thermal Inkjet TIJ Portable Online Printer

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    Brand Name: GZQIANJI

    GZQIANJI Model: INKP01

    Interface Type: USB

    Double-sided Printing: No

    Type: Inkjet Printer

    Paper Feed Mode: Auto

    Print Speed: 4ppm

    Supports Network Printing: Wireless

    Max Paper Size: A0

    Origin: Mainland China

    Internal Memory: None

    Black Print Speed: /

    Max. Resolution: 600dpi

    After-sale Service: Shop's Three Guarantees

    Color Print Speed: 0

    Voltage: 100-240V

    Application: For Commercial

    Dot Matrix Printer Type: Universal ticket printer

    Use: Inkjet Printer

    Printer Width:: 2-12.7mm

    HD 600DPI Handheld Inkjet Printer

    • Screen features: 4.3-inch color screen, resistance touch

    • Data Interface: USB2.0, Optical Sensor Interface

    • Multi-language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, German, Dutch, Thai, Ukrainian, Mongolian, Uzbek, Malaysian, Indonesian, Slovak.

    • Printing height: 2-12.7mm

    • Printing distance: within 3mm

    • Printing accuracy: 300/400/600 DPI adjustable

    • Printing material: plate, carton, pipe, cable, metal, plastic, etc.

    • Printing content: text/date/picture/barcode/GS1 code/2D code/counter/table/variable database, etc.

    • Graphic code types: QRCODE, PDF417, DATAMATRIX, UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EANS, INT25, CODE39, CODE128, EAN128, etc.

    Q&A you care about Most:

    Q:How to better extend the life of the printer ?

    A:Before installing and removing ink cartridges, be sure to turn off the printer.

    Q:How to better protect the ink cartridge nozzle?

    A:When not using ink cartridges, please close the protective cover in time.

    Dip a soft paper towel with a small amount of alcohol before using, and then gently wipe the nozzle in one direction.

    Q: Why does the printer screen not work?

    A: When you find that the screen of the printer is not working, please calibrate the screen of the printer.

    Q: Can the printer be equipped with photoelectric sensors?

    A: Yes, our inkjet printer has an adapted photoelectric sensor. Please consult customer service before purchasing.

    Q: Can the printer print on the bottle?

    A: Yes, we will provide you with a metal positioning plate for free, For specific steps,please consult customer service.

    Q: What should I do if the printer cannot print?

    • A: ①Check whether the rubber ring on the left side of the printer is off (not in the groove).

    • ②Check if there the ink cartridge is installed properly.

    • ③Switch the nozzle of the printer in the settings.

    • ④ After turning off the printer, reinstall the ink cartridge.

    • ⑤If you have completed all the above operations and the machine still cannot operate normally, please contact customer

    • service in time.

    Q: The ink cartridge of the printer can print, but the printing is not clear, what should I do?

    • A: ①Check whether the ink cartridge nozzle is clean and dry, and wipe the nozzle carefully with a clean soft tissue.

    • ② Take out the ink cartridge when the printer is off, shake the cartridge several times, and stick a clean tissue on the

    • surface of the nozzle to divert the ink.(Ask customer service for operation videos)

    • ③Switch the nozzle of the printer in the settings.

    • ④The above operation still cannot be solved, please consult customer service.

    Q: What should I do when there is a printer phenomenon of wire drawing?

    A: The ink cartridge is quick-drying. When there is a phenomenon of wire drawing, please wipe the nozzle carefully with a clean

    soft tissue and switch the nozzle of the printer.When not using the ink cartridge, please install the cover in time.

    Q: Can the printer be charged?

    A: Yes.


    • ① Please remove the battery at the bottom of the printer and charge it separately to avoid damage to the printer.

    • ②Please use our special charger to charge the printer.

    • ③When the printer is stored for a long time and not in use, it is recommended to safely charge and discharge it every three months.

    Turn the machine off before installing/removing the cartridges! Turn

    the machine back on after the installation is complete!

    About Ink Cartridges

    1. When installing cartridges, be sure to shut down the machine so as not to causedamage to the machine. The cartridge is 45 degrees and inserted obliquely

    2. lf the machine is not to be used for more than 20 minutes, the cartridge must beremoved from the machine and covered with the cap supplied with the cartridge toprevent the ink from drying out due to prolonged exposure of the printhead to air.(Keep the ink cartridge cover until the cartridge has been used up, do not discard it)

    3. Because the cartridge is fast-drying, a little wire drawing and line missing arenormal in the use process.

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